Sunday, July 20, 2008

Smooth Sailing

Well, I've been back about a week or so. And it's good to be back! I was able to check on the forums now and then, and check email, while I was gone, but that's about it. At one point, I tried a browser-based alternate SL client, which was really good for nothing but IMs, but it frustrated me and I only tried it once. Accept no substitutes! For all its flaws - at least, the ones that people keep harping about - SL's pretty cool in my opinion.

So what have I done since I've got back? Lots of stuff. But, as usual, I keep forgetting to take pictures. My friend Trodden takes so many darn pictures whenever he does something, he can tell a story just by lining them all up. I might not be taking that many pictures, but I do resolve to take a lot more than I have been. I'll be posting them here. You can also take a look at my Snapzilla page if you want to see more.

See you around!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Things happen, and plans change. This time, the plans changed such that I will be logging on again on Monday the 13th, rather than Friday. It's less than a week, so I'm sure anything pressing can wait until then. I will be very happy to be able to log in and see my friends again!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cody's Vacation

As some of you may or may not be aware, my RL alt has just moved into a new apartment. It is a cool place. Unfortunately, the cable dude will be unable to visit and hook up internet until July 11. So until then, my online-ness will be very severely limited to the occasional email or blog check at work. There will definitely be no SL.

It's a lot longer than I expected to be away, but c'est la vie. Rest assured I will be back on the appointed date.

Until then, drop me a line here and I'll be able to shout back occasionally. You can also email me at

Stay cool!